What Are Mala Beads?   

A set of beads used in prayer and meditation.  Malas can simply be worn and used by anyone that is looking for a more mindful and peaceful life.  Wear your Mala to set an intention and allow it to be a reflection of what you are seeking on your journey.  



•All Be Free Creations Mala's are traditionally made with 108 beads.  Each bead is strung and individually knotted to allow space for every mantra count.  

•1, 0,and 8: some say that 1 stands for God or higher truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.  

•Counter beads are used to mark your place in your mantra count.  They help you stay aware and give you a mental picture of where you are in your meditation.  

•The guru beads represents the student-teacher relationship whether that be parents, mentors or instructors.  Find gratitude when reaching this 109th bead in your meditation.  

•The tassel represents enlightenment.  The strands combined together represents oneness



•Your Mala has been made well and has durability but like anything will wear overtime.  To keep the longevity of your Mala, treat it with love! 

•Avoid showering and swimming while wearing your Mala.  Staying in water for a period of time can do damage to the metals and silk materials used to make your Mala.  If your Mala is made with sterling silver, you will need to give it a polish every now and then to bring it back to its original shine.  

•Try to store your Mala in the box or bag it comes with instead of hanging to avoid any extra pull on the knotting thread.  Be sure to use your drawstring bag when you travel!

•If the tassel starts to fray or look dull you can dampen it and give it a short trim.  Voila!  Just like new :)