Eclipse Mala

Eclipse Mala


Wear this Mala with an intention to reflect on the balance of dark and light in your life.  Eliminate the negativity and darkness that sheds over you and fill your heart knowing that where there is darkness, light must eventually shine through.  

Gemstone properties:

Onyx- protection + self-discipline + encouragement

Clear Quartz- energizing + cleansing + healing

Measures 36.5" excluding tassel

Each bead is strung and hand knotted onto strong cord with love and patience.  Care for your mala by removing before showering, swimming and practicing hot yoga.  Store it in the box or drawstring bag it comes packaged in for safe keeping.  I use only sterling silver and 14k rose gold filled accents.  Natural oxidation will take place overtime but just give it a light polish every now and then to bring it back to its original state. 

As much as we are all unique, so are the natural gemstones I use.  Please allow for slight variations in each stone. 


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