Gracefully Balanced Mala

Gracefully Balanced Mala


The name says it all - be Gracefully Balanced in all aspects of life!  

Gemstone properties:

Rose Quartz- love + emotion + release

Moonstone- emotional balance + new beginnings + femininity

Labradorite- strength + enlightenment + intuition

Clear Quartz- energizing + cleansing + healing

Each bead is strung and hand knotted onto strong cord with love and patience.  Care for your mala by removing before showering, swimming and practicing hot yoga.  I use only sterling silver and 14k rose gold filled accents.  Natural oxidation will take place overtime but just give it a light polish every now and then to bring it back to its original state. 

As much as we are all unique, so are the natural gemstones I use.  Please allow for slight variations in each stone. 


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